PointControl: a new fencing rating system

Ok I clicked your link, what's up?

The current letter-based fencing rating system sucks. A few people on teh internets agree with me, so my brother and I made a better system called PointControl.

Alright, that's cool, but why is it better?

A few reasons...

And what are the downsides?

This is not USFA-approved, it's just a personal project. There might be bugs in the software or the data. I might run out of server money and shut down unexpectedly. Or, I might get threatened by an angry helicopter parent over some triviality.


Why are you still here? Check out your rating, your friends, and your enemies' ratings at PointControl!

Hmm, I'm interested in the details of how it works and your data analysis.

Ah, we have a thinker here. The technical article is here.

Last updated 2015-09-15.